Making any decisions is tricky but our aim here at Ocean Shutters is to make the people of Brighton & Hove’s lives as simple as possible.  Don’t live in Brighton or Hove, don’t worry – we travel!

I guess firstly we should tell you why you should choose shutters?

Well they work well in any room.  What we love about Brighton is the diverse architecture throughout the city.  From Georgian to Victorian, Art Deco to the new contemporary structure going up in Circus Street – there are so many different styles of building.  Which ultimately means that there are many different styles of window.

However, that doesn’t faze us here at Ocean Shutters, it excites us.  It allows our work to be more varied, finding a shutter solution for even the most unique windows in Brighton.

They keep the cold out in Winter and allow you to control light levels in a room.  They are also great at providing you with the privacy you require without blocking out your view.  Finally, they come in any colour you want allowing them to blend seamlessly with your interiors.

Sound good?

Great, then lets look at the different styles that are available to you.

Full Height

This type of shutter covers the whole window.  The can also have a divider rail or louvre split.  This enables you to operate the slats above and below independently and control the light in your room.


Two sets of panels, one on top of the other.  They open independently of each other, giving excellent privacy and light control.

Cafe style

Cafe shutters only cover part of the window giving a continental look and feel.  Perfect for darker rooms, they let us natural light whilst maintaining privacy.


Providing great insulation, these shutters are solid wood panels that completely cover the window.


This style comes into it’s own in Brighton.  Bespoke panels that fit shaped and awkward windows.  These shutters make the most of original architecture.


Tracked plantation shuttersThese shutters slide on a track in front of large windows or doors.  They can be pulled right back letting the light stream in. Perfect for all those new kitchen extensions!

Our Collection

Once you’ve decided what style of shutter you would like, out estimators can talk your through our range.  With names that conjure up images of exotic locations, our range has something to suit each budget.  From our most popular Bali, the most durable and affordable to the hardwood St Lucia which we can match to any paint colour.  Wet areas are not a problem with the Malibu being totally water resistant.

Still not sure?

Then let our estimators walk you through the visualisation app.  We are able to take a photo of your room and show you exactly what it would like with your chosen style of shutter.

We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed so why don’t you give us a call today!